Happy…or Merry….Something.

December 21, 2006

I would hate to have Special Forces Cultural Warrior Bill O’Rielly slit my throat in my sleep with his special Nativity Knife, so I’ll wish everyone a Good Whatever.


Here’s a link to an internet oldie but goodie, Elf Bowling. Just download, run and enjoy!

Have safe trips and safe homes and just be safe. More ranting in the New Year.


What the #@&! is This Guys Problem?!?

December 13, 2006

Let me start this post by saying that I know Boston Globe columnist Jeff Jacoby is a tad too conservative for my taste and I shouldn’t let what he writes get to me, but his latest is so mind-bogglingly insipid and infuriating that I can’t help myself.

Joining fellow “War on Christmas” soldier and clueless bloviator Bill O’Reilly, Jacoby is all aghast at how the holiday is being marginalized by political correction. His angle is the continuing decline of Christianity in Europe:

“FROM THE land that produced “A Christmas Carol” and Handel’s “Messiah,” more evidence that Christianity is fading in Western Europe: Nearly 99 percent of Christmas cards sold in Great Britain contain no religious message or imagery.”

Great Scott!!!! The Christmas card industry is in dire peril!  He goes on to cite more examples of England’s slow but steady descent into hell and, of course, bring it around to the good ole USofA and the courthouse ten commandments case and the ongoing debate over the phrase “under God” in the pledge. (As a matter of full disclosure, I should say that I’m glad the statue in Alabama is gone, and I think not only should “under God” be cut, but the entire pledge should go. Blind allegiance to an inanimate symbol? How golden calf!)

 But Jacoby saves the best for last, for at the bottom of the page I find this gem:

“What is at stake in all this isn’t just angels on Christmas cards. What society loses when it discards Judeo-Christian faith and belief in God is something far more difficult to replace: the value system most likely to promote ethical behavior and sustain a decent society. That is because without God, the difference between good and evil becomes purely subjective. What makes murder inherently wrong is not that it feels wrong,but that a transcendent Creator to whom we are answerable commands: ‘Thou shalt not murder.” What makes kindness to others inherently right is not that human reason says so, but that God does: “Love thy neighbor as thyself; I am the Lord.’ “

Jacoby, you arrogant…..you misguided….there is no word for you. First of all, set aside the stunning insult implied here to any other faith outside of “judeo-christendom” being unable to act in a moral capacity, and let’s just concentrate on the even more stunning, very overt insult to every human being ever in the history of the world. To say that we as a race have no way to judge right from wrong without believing there is some mystical controlling force telling us which is which from on high is absurd. Morality and ethics far predate Christianity, you fool, from the well documented moral laws of the ancient Egyptians, through the ethical codes of the Chinese dynasties, right up to the democratic values of the Ancient Greeks. All of these civilizations managed to thrive without the benefit of “Judeo-Christian faith and belief.” Murder has always been wrong. Moses and the tablets wasn’t the first place that came up. I’m also pretty sure people were kind to each other before the Christian God showed up to tell everyone to be nice.

Finally, he finished with this warning to us heathens:

“The atheist alternative is a world in which right and wrong are ultimately matters of opinion, and in which we are finally accountable to no one but ourselves. That is anything but a tiding of comfort and joy.”

First of all, Jeffy, I think you’re talking about Anarchy, not Atheism. Granted, they both begin with A, so I’ll cut you some slack, but one is not the other.

And second of all, Jiffy Jeff, right and wrong is a matter of opinion, its just that some are so obvious to us as HUMANS that we all agree to agree on them. It doesn’t take anyone’s god to help us decide, but if YOU want to attribute YOUR decisions to him, go ahead. But don’t assume the rest of us aren’t capable of doing it on the human level.

For the whole thing, click here: http://www.boston.com/news/globe/editorial_opinion/oped/articles/2006/12/13/atheists_bleak_alternative/

Note: Thanks to Wes over at Walk In Brain (http://straightmute.blogspot.com/) for his postings of Jeffy’s more interesting columns.