I’m Back and I’m Ranting

May 24, 2007

OK. So I know in my last post I said I was coming to the end of my busy period and would be posting more and then…..nothing for almost three weeks.

I spent a week working an installation in New York City for the High Line Festival (Never did see Bowie) and then another week relaxing at Cape Cod (Sorry, Tom. I feel like a traitor for spending so much time at the eastern end of the state, but the fish is so fresh!!!!!)

Anyway, I’m back now and I swear I’ll post more. To echo Tom B over at Mortar Bend, the Blog world here in North County has been a bit quiet and tame. So here is my contribution to the cause:

I am the first to admit that we have a less than perfect country and certainly right now we have some seemingly insurmountable problems. However, every now and then I come across something that shows me how stupid rich and pampered we are as a society. Things that we take for granted in our society that would be unthinkable almost anywhere else in the world.

A few examples:

  • Yogurt in a Tube: Because messing with spoons is such a hassle. And a bowl? Forget it. That’s just asking too much.
  • Poker on TV: Come on. It’s people playing cards. Are we so lazy that playing cards for ourselves is too much effort? “I’m too tired to play cards. I know! I’ll WATCH OTHER PEOPLE play cards.” In HD.
  • Soup in a Re-closable Container: When this little gem came out, the tag line on the commercial was “Finally. Soup is easy.” Finally? Operating a can opener sending you into fits of exhaustion all these years? Adding that can of water just sending you over the edge? Which brings me to one of my all-time favorites:
  • The Electric Can Opener: Can it get any worse than this? It’s OPENING A CAN!!!! Do we really need to involve the burning of fossil fuels in this process? Are we condemning the polar bears to an early extinction so we can avoid a possible finger cramp while opening our cans of Nacho Cheese Sauce (contains real cheese flavor!) and Nine Lives Gourmet Cat Food (contains more actual food than the cheese sauce!)?

Surely there are other observant curmudgeons out there that have noticed these things. Let’s have them.

And it’s good to be home again.


A Couple of Tidbits

May 1, 2007

Sorry for the lack of posts. I’m finishing up a busy streak at work and should be a bit more free in the near future. In the meantime, here is a link to yet another example of why Fox News is the funniest network on TV.

And if you didn’t catch it, here is the Bill Moyers interview with Jon Stewart. No matter how much Mr. Stewart denies it, he is an important figure in political media today. Listening to him and Moyers talking and making rational, reality based observations is a nice break from everyone else.