Summer Sucks

June 22, 2007

It’s my busy season here in the Berkshires. Long days adding up to long weeks becoming long months. The unfortunate thing about my profession is that when everyone else is digging the great weather and frolicking in the lakes and streams, I’m calendar watching for September and a brief respite from the insanity.

So make me jealous, Dear Blog Folks, tell me your great summer plans, fun things that you’ve done already and are going to do in the weeks to come. Let me live vicariously through you.

Bring It On!!!!!!


No More Rudy

June 4, 2007

A couple of months ago I wrote about my disbelief at Rudy Guiliani being a viable candidate for President, what with having seen firsthand how he screwed up New York.

Now Matt Taibbi at Rolling Stone has put together a no-holds-barred rant  on the same subject and does it much better than I could.

9/11 hero my ass.

My Kingdom for an IT Person!!!

June 3, 2007

Last night I turned on my desktop at home and all it did was boot and re-boot and re-boot and re-boot… get the picture.

Any suggestions? Is it a really big paperweight now? Anybody know a good place to get it fixed?