I’ve Just About Had It

September 29, 2007

So this whole damned Iraq thing could have been avoided, except that wouldn’t have been cowboy enough.  Now people are dead so our Chimp-in-Chief can look tough.

Why is this little f*#ker and his evil puppet master still in office? Why haven’t  we the people forced our reps in congress to use the one tool the Constitution gave us for getting rid of bad Executives?

Oh, I forgot. The Constitution isn’t for governing. It’s for misinterpreting to make a spurious claim to ingratiate yourself with a bunch of morons that think America should be run according to the whims of some invisible magician in the sky who’s really concerned with what we do in our bedrooms and who we do it with.

It’s time to take our country back. And it’s time to take our history back. Our founding fathers where too smart to be Christian lemmings and anyone who has ever read the writings of Jefferson, Adams, Madison and even the sainted Washington know this.

 As for our current leaders, I hope 3800 Americans lives and countless Iraqi lives aren’t too big a price to pay for your egos, you worthless f#*ks.